Character creation rules

Superpowers have been known in the population for only a few months, so any kind of “heritage” concept cannot be used; however, you are certainly allowed to play a mutant. Similarly, any concept that requires years of training to gain powers or possession of any kind of ancient artifact.

You may not begin with a sidekick; you’ve had your powers for anywhere between three to nine weeks now, so how exactly are you going to teach someone else how to use theirs?

You may create a character of any age from any nation, but you have lived in Cloverdale for at least one year, so give yourself a good reason to be there. Also, if your character is younger than fifteen, be prepared to have a good reason why anybody is taking him or her seriously ( for example, getting together with the other players and agreeing that everybody is going to play a preteen is a good reason; having a power that forces people to take you seriously no matter how silly and obnoxious you are is not).

The power level is seven, giving you 105 power points with which to create your character. Bear in mind, this is rather less than a standard M&M character, so think “room to grow” rather than “I’m the best at what I do.”

You may start with a Device (a Device, in this context, is an item that has superpowers). It’s a first generation prototype, though. so expect to find the occasional bug.

Character creation rules

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