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The story so far . . . .

The world is in turmoil. Around the world, people are manifesting physics-defying superpowers. Hundreds are known, but for every one known, there may be dozens or more in hiding.

No patterns have been identified. Powers appear to happen at random. Even the small town of Cloverdale, California has not been spared.

A brief timeline of superpowered events

  • Fifteen weeks ago: a fire generating child destroys twelve percent of Munich, directly or indirectly killing thousands of people
  • Thirteen weeks ago: scientific agencies around the world admit that superpowers appear to be popping up around the world with disturbing regularity, but they’re at a loss to explain it.
  • Twelve weeks ago: A study from the University of Tokyo, Japan, establishes that, where it is possible to check, the genetic code of superpowered individuals before and after manifestation of powers are identical. The study has been accepted by Nature, and is pending publication.
  • Eight weeks ago: a megalomaniacal gravity-controller named William Norton declares California an independent nation, San Francisco its capital and himself Emperor. Two hours later, an anonymous lightning generating individual battles Norton and defeats him. Among the casualties of the battle is the western span of the Emperor Norton Bridge (AKA the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge). Speculation is rampant as to whether or not the name “Norton” was a contributing factor or a mere coincidence.
  • Eight weeks ago: A full two percent of the global economy has turned — one way or another — to studying superpowered individuals. Although some serious scientific study is in its early stages, all the public sees is the debate over which term to use for superpowered individuals: metahuman, posthuman, or transhuman? In the case of public opinion, one might add freak to that list. Rachel Maddow takes up transhuman and it catches on in general parlance, largely ending the debate.
  • Seven weeks ago: the first known transhuman-worshiping cult, the Church of the Eternal Flame, makes itself known. Pundits wonder what took them so long.
  • Three weeks ago: South Carolina proposes legislation intended to control transhumans in the state by making them public servants answerable to the governor. Mississippi proposes legislation giving transhumans seven calendar days from their first manifestation to leave the state. It is not at all clear that either legislation, if passed, would pass constitutional muster.

Welcome to the new age; make of it what you will.

Main Page

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